With a collection of cars, clothing and a stage, Franklin Road is a new men’s store truly like no other.

Owner and race car driver Ken Thwaits brings his two passions — cars and clothing — to his store. We spoke with General Manager, Lindsey Allen, to learn more.

How did Franklin Road get started?

Ken Thwaits likes to dress nicely. What he didn’t like is having to go to several stores or a large department store to try and find what he needs with pushy sales people. Throughout all of his ventures two most important principles are apparent, quality and connection. He wanted to open up a men’s store in which you could find everything you need in one place, where no matter if an item costs $30 or $300, you know whatever you choose is going to have great quality. Overall, he wanted a place that was a relaxed and an inviting place to shop.

Stand alone men’s stores are a dying breed. What sets Franklin Road apart?

Franklin Road is unique because we share our space with the owner’s collection of classic Camaros. There is also a working race garage in the back where our mechanics work on Ken’s race cars. We aren’t located in a typical shopping strip, so we offer a private, low-key space where people can come in and know they will receive individual attention. Whether they make an appointment, or simply stop by during business hours, our goal is to make customers feel welcome, fit them with the best look for them, not sell them on something, and give them an experience. With the convenience of online ordering, which is also available through our site franklinroad.com, people should be given a better reason to see you, and we have that.

Are the cars in the store for sale?

For the most part, the cars are not for sale, but that can always be discussed with Ken Thwaits. We have a collection of over  classic Camaros, 1969 to some of the latest, all pristine, all with a unique history.

What type of man will you find shopping at Franklin Road?

You will find a variety of men here. You’ll find denim lovers, as we have a great selection of selvage and raw denim, American made like Asbury Park, Civilianaire, and Raleigh Denim, and unique international brands like Benzak. Men that want the convenience of getting a whole outfit in one place, with pieces curated to all work together. We carry brands in a range of prices, whether they’re ready to make an investment in a great, long lasting pair of jeans, or they have other needs. Men that want some guidance on styling and don’t want to bother with crowded malls or stores; and men that want to look great but still be comfortable.

How was the name Franklin Road chosen?

The physical Franklin Road is the main artery between Franklin and Nashville. It was paved in the 1700s and survived the Civil War. To us it represents a mainstay and consistency, something that will be here year after year, changing as it needs. It also connects our Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville communities that are growing tremendously and are full of passionate and creative individuals.

Will the store be offering any special events?

We had our first kick-off event  in November, with free beer from Mantra Artisan Ales, a local brewery, and free food from Granite City. We also had a live band for guests to enjoy while they shopped and it was a ton of fun. Because we have the space capability, we plan to make events here a regular occurrence whether it’s a music night or some other activity.

Thanks to Lindsey Allen for taking time out to talk with us.  Franklin Road is located at 119 Seaboard Lane, Suite 411, Franklin. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and offerings.