Last week we featured the Edgehill neighborhood in Nashville.

The area is undergoing a transformation and will soon be the destination for food, drink and of course style.

Alton Lane Entry

Here is the entry hallway. Can you spot the door?

Located on the backside of 1200 Edgehill  is a 900 square feet new men’s store called Alton Lane. When I say hidden, I mean the door is not a typical door. There is a sign that says press the button and upon doing so, it opens to a secret hideaway of a showroom.  Not a sterile showroom with samples but this one has all the things guys will like.

Technology– Alton Lane provides custom shirts, jackets, pants and suits. But instead of the typical stand for who knows how long to be measured, they have an electronic 3D measuring system which  will scan your body giving them 300 accurate measurements in just 30 seconds.

Secret Club House- You’re greeted with a bar that is fully stocked.  And once you become a customer, they keep your favorite drink on file so when you arrive it’s waiting for you. They have a large screen TV playing the latest sporting event complete with leather sofas for lounging. And then there is the soon to be finished poker room located behind another hidden door.

The philosophy at Alton Lane is simple – “We want men to feel comfortable in their clothes. We are also not here to completely change your style, If you prefer a more fitted jacket, then we will help you will that but if you are looking for a looser fit, we can assist with that as well, said Colin Hunter co-founder of Alton Lane.

At Alton Lane, they set out to make custom clothing a budget friendly,  yet very high end experience. Customer experiences are appointment driven where you receive full one-on-one attention. It is that personal touch that has created such a successful business model for them.

Nashville will be the tenth location for Alton Lane and when talking about coming to Nashville, Hunter says, “It wasn’t of matter of if we were coming but when, we both love Nashville. We actually have about 200 customers that live in Nashville area who had either visited our store in New York or they know us from UVA.”

Steps away from the Alton Lane store is a new speakeasy called Old Glory Cocktail, that along with the recent addition, Warby Parker, are  some of the reasons why they chose their location.  For their first location in Nashville, they wanted to be  where it made sense, an area that intersects where most clients will either work or play. Edgehill fit the bill.

Custom shirts prices start at $99 – $500, suits start at $595 and go up to $10,000. The store opens on Thursday, July 21, with hours of operation Tuesday- Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Book your appointment online here.