Dog Pastries are making the rounds in Spring Hill by way of 4 Paws Pastries, a food truck that caters specifically to dogs.

Alan and Kinsey Smith started their venture into canine pastries back in March, and have been making appearances at markets and dog parks all over Middle Tennessee.

“Since we’ve been together we’ve had dogs, and [this] is just a passion project for us,” Alan Smith said. “We love our dogs and we want to spread our love to the dogs of the world.

“There are dog treat bakeries around town, but there isn’t one that’s in a truck, [one] that shows up at dog parks, that shows up at bark in the park. We’re bringing the treats to where the dogs are.”

Alan and Kinsey have been together for almost 20 years, and had only recently made the decision to put a unique spin on one of their talents.

“I went to culinary school in Arizona, and I was a pastry chef before moving to Tennessee, and I loved every minute of it,” Kinsey Smith said. “There are so many food trucks for us as humans. Nashville’s such a great place that you can always have your dog most everywhere you go, so why not bring something to them?”

Kinsey Smith graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Arizona, and was a pastry chef for 2 years. It was later that the couple had come up with the idea to target a new demographic for her pastries – a much furrier demographic.

Alan Smith says what you’ll find at the food truck is the same “stuff you’re going to see at a pastry store that [people] go to.” Among the treats you can find are pupcakes, blueberry bones, and paw or bone-shaped “pupsicles.”

The name 4 Paw Pastries comes from the couples’ 4 dogs; a beagle, a rottweiler, a pitbull and an English bulldog. Harvey Park in Spring Hill is among one of the van’s most frequently visited locations, coinciding with the farmer’s market on Thursdays, however, 4 Paw Pastries tries to make appearances anywhere dogs can be found.

“It’s been a whirlwind since [we started this business],” Alan said. “We’ve done bark in the park out in Lebanon, we’ve done Dog Days at the Hermitage, we’re doing farmer’s market at Berry Farms Tuesdays, Thompson’s Station farmer’s market on Wednesdays.”

Location and schedules for 4 Paw Pastries can be found at