PHOTO: The “Supernova” collection by Kelly Nieser was inspired by her love for 1950s and 1980s music. / Brooke Wanser


Ten senior student designers from O’More showcased fashion collections, their final school project, on Thursday evening at the 2018 O’More Fashion Show inside the Franklin Theatre.

O’More College of Art and Design President Shari Fox opened the evening, noting it would be the final show in Franklin as O’More prepares to merge with Belmont University in the fall.

During the first act, contemporary dance troupe New Dialect performed an interpretative piece in costumes designed by O’More students.

Sophomore and junior students also presented designs created with Naia, a fiber engineered by Kingsport-based Eastman Chemical Company.

But the highlights of the professionally produced show, complete with high-end lighting, sound, modeling, and a runway, were the individual collections.

Each collection began with a video introduction from the student designer, explaining their inspiration behind the design.

Students and their collections are as follows:

  • Miranda Bolinger, The Black Garden
  • Ashleigh Cain, Revival of the Fittest
  • Sydney Duncan, Sacred Nature
  • Macy Harmon, A/W 18
  • Emily James, La Femme
  • Peach Malone, My Best Friend’s Wedding
  • Kendra Martin, Ken.drama
  • Sarah Grace Mast, In Search of Color
  • Kelly Nieser, Supernova
  • Christine Tran, Maximus

Attendees lined up outside the Franklin Theatre marquee beginning at 7 p.m. Thursday night. / Brooke Wanser

Belmont University representatives sat at one of the tables towards the stage inside the theatre. / Brooke Wanser

President Shari Fox spoke briefly at the event’s beginning. / Brooke Wanser

New Dialect performed a dance mimicking how the choreographer felt experiencing symptoms of multiple sclerosis. / Brooke Wanser

Sydney Duncan’s line featured intricate embroidery of organs. / Brooke Wanser

Another Sydney Duncan design, which focused on femininity / Brooke Wanser

Miranda Bolinger said her design inspiration came from the seven deadly sins. / Brooke Wanser

Bolinger’s Black Garden line. / Brooke Wanser

Sarah Mast’s In Search of Color line, influenced by her love for tie dye / Brooke Wanser

A hoop skirt dress from Peach Malone’s My Best Friend’s Wedding line. She repurposed old wedding gowns to create looks inspired by what her friends’ dream bridal gowns are. / Brooke Wanser

Kendra Martin was influenced by Cuban culture in Miami for her breezy, tropical line. / Brooke Wanser

One of the student designs for the Eastman Naia design challenge / Brooke Wanser

Emily James’ La Femme line featured sheer, gauzy dresses. / Brooke Wanser

The final dress from James’ collection. / Brooke Wanser

Lacy Harmon took inspiration from Japanese textiles. She used 3D printing to create accessories for her line. / Brooke Wanser