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For Robbie Brooks Moore and husband, Grammy winning blues musician Keb Mo, their house is where creating music and handling the thousands of things involved in managing a music business happen.

Throw in family time, entertaining friends and relaxing and recharging, and you have a house filled to the brim with life, love and lots of music.

“One of the reasons we bought the house is because it had a great basement. I run Kind of Blue Music from home and we have a home studio  a separate control room with equipment to record. And a lounge space with a kitchen and a gym,” explains Moore, who is CEO of Kind of Blue Music, where she oversees PR, radio promotion, distribution and social media for her husband.

The house is as far from sterile and corporate as you can imagine, however, and Moore is quick to say it offers a unique opportunity for the entire family.

“Our son can come home from school and walk down and see his Dad while he is working. Or come see me in my office. This is really like a family business, and I love that our son gets to see what we do every day,” laughs Moore.


Welcome to the home of Robbie Brooks Moore and Keb Mo. The couple work, create music and share their beautiful space with friends and family. Today, the allow us to take a peek as well. Photo by Bets Wilson, Visualeye Photo Art

While Moore loves the feeling of a small, family owned business as CEO of Kind of Blue Music, she and her husband are very much aware of the big, wild world.


Robbie Brooks Moore in the office of Kind of Blue Music. Behind her is a painting of her husband, multiple Grammy winner Keb Mo.Photo by Bets Wilson, Visualeye Photo Art

“Kind of Blue is very much involved in Playing for Change Foundation to help create music and programs around the world. We donate a portion of proceeds to the foundation. And  Keb was appointed by the White House as Ambassador of Turnaround Arts Program in 2015, so we are really tied to helping the arts flourish in schools,” explains Moore.

This global awareness is evident in the home decor throughout. Moore says the tapestry hanging in the family room is from India and speaks to her love of a “global vibe” in her style of decorating.


Moore loves a “global vibe” in her home decor. The tapestry hanging in her family room is from India. Photo by Bets Wilson, Visualeye Photo Art

The house continues to evolve in style. The kitchen was recently revamped and Moore laughingly confesses her husband is the cook in the family, though she loves hanging out in the space.

“Everything was knotty pine and it wasn’t our style. Bella Tucker Design came in and repainted our kitchen and redid our stove hood, making it look aged and rustic. We mixed the rustic with elegant with crystal chandeliers because I love decorating with an eclectic mix,” explains Moore.


Mixing rustic and elegant gave the recently remodeled kitchen an eclectic look that Moore loves. Photo by Bets Wilson, Visualeye Photo Art

While family and friends often fill the home, music is the element that is part of every party or get together. The music room with a baby grand piano, several guitars and even original art featuring instruments, was once a dining room. Moore laughs when she explains that she and husband Keb Mo would “rather play the piano than eat.”


The dining room turned music room at the home of Robbie Brooks Moore and Keb Mo. Photo by Bets Wilson, Visualeye Photo Art

While the home is beautifully eclectic with strong design elements that give a glimpse of the family and their life in the dwelling, Moore and her husband don’t take the house for granted.

“We are grateful for this space. I didn’t use a decorator because I wanted our house to feel personal. With things that have a story or a meaning,” explains Moore, who took understands the power of recharging at home.

With the recent release of Keb Mo’s newest album That Hot Pink Blues featuring live recordings from the 2015 tour, Moore is juggling more than ever in her role as CEO of Kind of Blue Music.



The home of Robbie Brooks Moore and Keb Mo is a “happy place” for a couple that focuses on the blues. Photo by Bets Wilson, Visualeye Photo Art


Not that Moore is complaining about her full, joy-filled life.

“I know what it is like to be married to the happiest man in the blues world. I think our house is a happy place too,” laughs Moore.


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