Winter is coming! For all you swimmers out there, it means you have to forgo your outdoor swims until next year. The biggest question for many pool owners is – should I close my pool for winter or leave it open?

It’s purely a personal preference, says Heather Crawford of Clearwater Pools in Brentwood.

Keeping your pool open
Don’t you find looking at a pool relaxing? If you do, there’s good news. You don’t have to close your pool during the winter. The first concern for many pool owners in regards to keeping their pool open year-round is the cost. You can keep your electric bill in check by using a timer on your pool. Timers will allow your pool to run less hours during the day in order to save on electricity, advises Crawford.

You will have to keep a check on the temperature, as more measures need to be taken if the weather dips below 37 degrees.

“If the weather is going to be less than 37 degrees all systems, waterfalls, cleaners, pumps, need to run continuously to insure that the plumbing and systems do not sustain any freeze damage. We can also install freeze timers that turn systems on automatically when the temperature drops below 37,” adds Crawford.

Closing your pool
If you would rather close your pool, your best bet is to get professional help, from a company like Clearwater Pools. Because many steps have to be taken to properly close a pool, its best to go with the pros so you can rest assured that everything is done correctly.

“We drain all of the pool equipment and blow out the lines as well as installing some additional freeze proof. We can winterize a pool with no cover if leaves aren’t an issue or we can cover a pool with either a tarp cover or safety cover,” says Crawford.

Whether you keep your pool open during the winter or close it, is up to you. But no matter what you decide, Clearwater Pools can assist you with whatever you need. They offer year-round service including weekly cleanings through the season, openings beginning in late February, and closings usually starting at the beginning of the fall season. Additionally, those who have the year-round maintenance and cleaning get priority scheduling and 10% off service and parts in case you do need to fix something.