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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Overlook Your Car!


Our cars are a more important part of our lives than we realize sometimes. If you commute to work (or even if you don’t), chances are good you’re spending a ton of time in your car. It gets you where you need to go, and carries the people and things you love and need the most from point A to point B.

When you’re in the middle of your spring cleaning this season, give your car some love, too! As much as you use your car, a little elbow grease (or a few dollars) will be well worth it—and you’ll thank yourself later when you enjoy a beautifully tidy car.

  1. Clean out the trash.

Yes, this seems obvious. But for some of us, we don’t realize how cluttered trash can make our car feel, especially if you have kids (how did that fruit snack wrapper get in the visor?!). Get a garbage bag and pull out every piece of trash you can reach. You’ll feel better already! In the future, a good habit to start would be cleaning out any trash from your car every time you fill up the gas tank—this way, it never gets out of hand before you do some light pickup.

  1. Vacuum.

Once all that trash is gone, you’ll realize where all those stray crumbs went—the floor. Enough said.

  1. Wipe down the interior.

For anything plastic, use your favorite cleaning spray (bonus points if it smells good). For leather, purchase a specialty leather cleaner to keep your leather interior pieces in tip-top shape. Grab a towel and take on that inside grime! A toothbrush or small dish brush can work wonders in cupholders, too. This shouldn’t take you long, but have your kids chip in and help, too. You’ll save some time—plus, their small hands can reach into the small nooks and crannies better than yours.

  1. Wash your rugs.

Did you know that you can wash interior car rugs in the washing machine? Yep! Give them a good shake or vacuum, spot treat as needed, and then throw those puppies in the washing machine. Air dry them or use low heat on your dryer, and they’ll look just like new! Just make sure you won’t need to get into your car until they’re cleaned and dry—you don’t want any dirty shoes or spills on your cars permanent carpet.

  1. Take it to a detailer.

Short on time? It happens! Splurge this month and take your car for a good detail. Even if it’s only perfect until you pick the kids up from school, relish in the professionally cleaned goodness While you’re at it, head to a mechanic for a quick check of everything under the hood and an oil change. Winter’s freezing temperatures can compromise the quality of some car fluids, so it’s best to replace or replenish everything now—long before those summer road trips!


Allie was born and raised in Georgia, and moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). She’s a freelance writer, an old soul, and a chronic DIY-er. Connect with Allie at alliemyszka.com.






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