Bold brows are so pervasive right now that it is hard to believe that at one time the facial hairs were over plucked on purpose.

From ’20s flappers to ’70s flower children all the way to ’90s waifs, penciled-in, barely-there brows have periodically been in fashion. Unfortunately, those who previously indulged in the dramatically thin, arched look may find that they’ve been left in a permanently smooth situation.

Johanna Lynn

Johanna Lynn

Removing brow hairs from the root can damage the hair follicle enough that the hair never grows back, creating an eternally sparse crop of brow hair to work with. Hair loss can also occur from hormonal changes, medical treatments and age. The lack of hair can be particularly troubling when sections or the entire brow are missing.

Internationally trained spa professional and talented makeup/permanent makeup artist JoHanna Lynn has a solution for anyone who wants to enhance their eyebrows. Lynn is a licensed tattoo artist, member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and is certified by the American Institute of Permanent Color Technology among others. She has more than 28 years of experience in aesthetics, permanent makeup and makeup artistry and offers clients an array of options from temporary to semi-permanent to permanent for fuller, perfectly groomed eyebrows in the latest styles. Her work is nothing short of miraculous.

Lynn is finding herself in high demand since the faces of fashion and film have been showcasing full, some may even say “bushy” eyebrows, as exemplified by the sets popularized by models like Nashville’s own Lily Aldridge and actors like Lily Collins.

But, Lynn’s work goes beyond the latest trends. Lynn feels the eyebrows are essential to the overall look of a visage.

“Eyebrows are absolutely the most important feature in defining the face. They outline your eyes and give your face expression. People can actually recognize someone easier by their brows than by their eyes alone.”

Sometimes brows that have been plucked too much are reluctant to grow back.

Sometimes brows that have been plucked too much are reluctant to grow back.

Therefore the brows are woven into self-image so deeply that they are actually an element of physiognomy that define a person’s overall identity, the lack of which can be can be devastating to a client’s self-esteem.

Eyebrows are important to the overall look of the face.

Eyebrows are important to the overall look of the face.

“I have customers that would never let their husbands see them without their brows,” she explains. “They sometimes have a fear of someone knowing they do not have a complete brow or that the shape is poor. They can hardly remove their penciled in brows in front of me.”

This is why what Lynn does is so vital; her artistry goes beyond aesthetics. She truly affects the way her clients feel about themselves with her corrective and artistic talent.

“My work is so rewarding because I can help people feel more secure and beautiful. They feel confident in knowing their brows will be there in the morning when they wake up, work out at the gym or swim at the beach. I always feel so emotionally connected with my clients and become familiar with their ‘Eyebrow Stories.’”

Brows can be restored through a technique called microblading.

Brows can be restored through a technique called microblading.

Fuller brows can take years off the face, add expression and are a way to indulge in the latest fashion look.

Fuller brows can take years off a face.

Fuller brows can take years off a face.

Currently, the style embraces a “bigger is better” philosophy with “sprouts,” the section of unruly hairs that grow upwards at the inside edge of the brows extending to the bridge of the nose being the holy grail. Ironically, it was those hairs that were typically the first to be waxed or plucked in the past. When all methods have failed to re-grow finicky brow hairs, most women turn to a time consuming daily cosmetic ritual of penciling, powdering and even stenciling their arches to correct and fill in. But, these methods tend to disappear over the day. They can wear off, wipe off and smear, putting a dent in the entire overall look of the face, as the brows frame the eyes, the very windows of the soul.

This is where Lynn comes in with a variety of remedies. For clients who are tentative about a permanent or semi-permanent commitment and just want to try on a new brow look, Lynn offers Sleek Brows. She shapes brows with a 3D sculpting gel and brow hair extensions that last three to four weeks. Lynn says this is a great option for someone who is looking for a temporary solution for missing hairs, to altar brow shape or for someone who likes change more frequently.

Thin brows are not difficult for Johanna Lynn to augment.

Thin brows are not difficult for Johanna Lynn to augment wth her Sleek Brows.

Those willing to make more of a commitment can take advantage of and have confidence in Lynn’s

Thickness and shape can be achieved through several techniques.

Thickness and shape can be achieved through sculpting techniques.

extraordinary service called Definition Brows. Lynn is a practitioner of this method certified through the Jhon Jhon Institute. It’s easy to see why this technique has gone viral on social media, as demonstrated by the dramatic before and afters that Lynn has provided of her clients. Lynn creates individual hairs by utilizing a handheld tool with micro needles in the shape of a blade called a Microblade.

This is what sets the final result apart from the opaque block of color that is traditionally associated with applying brow makeup or cosmetic tattooing.

The procedure is a gentler alternative because Microblading does not penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. Lynn works with the client to create the perfect shape and thickness. The results last up to two years and give the illusion of three-dimensional, very natural brows that clients can simply wake up to every day.

Definition Brows are ideal for both men and women who want to enhance the look of his or her eyebrows, who want to reduce the need for makeup, those suffering from alopecia and hair loss from medical treatment or for anyone who simply isn’t happy with their eyebrows.

Lynn also offers cosmetic tattooing and can combine the techniques in her expert wheelhouse for a truly customized look.

“Permanent makeup is also a great solution for someone who would like it to last longer,” she says. “Typically permanent makeup lasts three to five years. It gives a more shaded in, blurred effect and can also be applied as eyeliner and lip liner/lip shading.”

The transformation that occurs is a statement of Lynn’s dedication to her craft and her innate talent. Her very first client was her mother and is a wonderful example of how the addition of eyebrows can be the ultimate makeover. Her mom, like so many women, had over-tweezed and the hair never grew back.

“As long as I can remember, she would spend time daily, drawing on her beautifully arched eyebrows, trying to get them even and the perfect color so they would look natural. I performed my artistry on her brows and she cried because she would never again have to worry about living without perfect brows. I feel like I am changing lives one eyebrow at a time.”

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