Melamine, a resin substance, seemed space age when it launched in the 1960s.

In the early days, this durable plastic was hailed as a miracle of science with every home sporting Formica countertops and melamine plates that looked shiny and plastic-y. You could throw them on the floor and they would literally bounce. The functionality of the products were amazing. The aesthetics? Not so much.

Today, a new generation of melamine plates has even the most veteran home goods shopper doing a double take.

Call it plastic plates 2.0 since these non-breakables come in a variety of colors and designs. All of them look exactly like a piece of hand thrown pottery with subtle imperfections and a look that seems like glazed pottery. They are feather light and stack easily, making them perfect for patio and outdoor parties.

Have young children? These pretty plates are a great everyday option (indoors and out) since littles cannot break or chip them.

Invest in the new version of plastic plates for summer fun. Everyone will be fooled with these faux pottery beauties!

Melamine plates that look like handmade pottery? Yes please. Plates, bowls and more available at Maxi B. Home, 7030 Executive Center Drive, Brentwood, 615-942-5015.