She has measured thousands of women for the perfect bra.

On a recent vacation to New York City, one of her must-see stops was not the average tourist stops, but a luxe lingerie shop.

Is she bra obsessed?

Kate Hannah prefers to say “I just really love my job.”

Hannah, the lingerie manager for Dillard’s at The Mall at Green Hills believes that everyone can find a comfortable bra. But admits that the strapless bra option can be a challenge.

“You will wear a strapless bra twice as much in the summer as any other season. And this summer, with an off-the-shoulder obsession from nearly every designer is doubly so,” says Hannah.

Fashion is having an off the shoulder obsession. And strapless bra sales are surging.

Most women, when faced with a strapless or  halter style, inevitably groans followed by the declaration  “I hate wearing a strapless bra.” And no wonder, since strapless bras from times past were prone to inching down or never holding the girls in their proper position. And if you were larger than a D cup? Forget finding a strapless bra at all.

“Today, strapless bras come in a multitude of sizes and styles. I can fit up to an H cup and a 42 band. Virtually everyone can find a strapless bra,” Hannah says.

From traditional strapless bra styles, with a clasp in the back sans straps to the stick-on bra to water resistant gel-like petals meant to augment a bathing suit top, strapless bras have gotten sophisticated.

Fashion Forms Silicone Push Up Bra, $38 at Dillard’s.

“The stick-on bra is basically a silicone bra with adhesive that is reusable. You need to skip lotion so that the adhesive can stick to clean, dry skin, but these bras are great for totally backless clothing. And I can fit up to a G cup in this style,” Hannah explains.

Another strapless bra that is less than traditional? The lace bandeau.

b.tempt’d by Wacoal, Lace Kiss, $22 at Dillard’s.

“Unlike traditional strapless bras, the bandeau is meant to peek out. They come in dozens of colors and work as a layering piece for many summer tops that are low cut,” says Hannah.

If you want to add some oomph to your swimsuit? A water resistant silicone stick on strapless bra will work.

“Women think they hate wearing a strapless bra. But we have so many styles and size options that once we fit them and find the perfect bra they are all in,” Hannah says.

All in for strapless, backless and off the shoulder dresses and tops? For the women obsessed with bras, finding the perfect fit in a strapless bra is part of her passion.