Fall is probably my favorite season to dress for. With rich colors, bold prints and stylish ways to combine various textures, I love playing around and putting together looks using fall pieces. This year’s fall trends offer plenty of opportunity to get creative with your outfits. These are the top 5 to try and you’ll definitely have fun experimenting with them all.


Statement Sleeves

Making a statement with your sleeves is the newest way to show off your style. Anything that draws attention to your arms is fair game. Think ruffles, bubble sleeves, bell sleeves, layers, cutouts and anything else that steals the show.


Slogan Tees


This is the year of wearing your message on your shirt. Whether you have a political message to send, an inspiring quote to show off, or a funny phrase to share, slogan tees are the way to say what you have to say.


Sheer Tops

via Thrifting Diva

It seems a bit contradictory to wear sheer clothing in the fall, but thanks to the art of layering, this is a trend that you can use to spice up a layered look. Whether you like just a hint of sheer, or an entire see through top, you’ll be sure sheer to impress with an ensemble that leaves little to the imagination.


Velvet Accessories


Soft velvet accessories in rich fall hues are the way to glam up your getup this fall. Bags, hats, belts and even shoes are in full velvet force on the runway. Make your mark in the style world with a velvety accessory in a gorgeous fall shade.


Stiletto Boots

Boots will probably always be a classic piece of fall footwear. This year, stiletto boots are the style to strut your stuff in. Add a dose of sexy to a pair of skinny jeans, add some height to a midi skirt outfit, or take your favorite sweater dress to the next level with a sassy stiletto boot.

Leena Kollar is a writer, wife, mom and fashion blogger. She runs the women’s style website, The Style Spectrum, which guides women on finding the best clothing, makeup and accessories for their body shape, face shape and individual seasonal coloring. The overwhelmed mother of two (three, if you include her husband) enjoys solo trips to Target, audience-free trips to the bathroom and sneaking treats after her kids have gone to bed.