Home interiors have started leaning toward the ’70s with pink influences and brass making a big statement right now.

And there’s one trend that if you are in your 40s and older, you probably have hidden away in your basement or attic.  It was also probably a craft project that you completed with friends: macrame.

Yes, that twisted and braided jute string has a strong presence on items ranging from baby cribs and baby high chaMade Southirs to wall hangings. Houzz is calling it a huge trend by stating it adds texture “to your decor with macrame and knitted wall hangings, pillows, lamp shades and even picture frames.”

Over the weekend, I visited a baby store in Germantown that had a macrame crib for sale along with a hanging high chair.  At the recent Made South event, one of the makers was selling small macrame wall hangings.  But most sought after version is the vintage macrame from the ’70s.

Thompson Nashville Hotel

Thompson Nashville Hotel

When I visited  the Gulch to check out the Thompson Nashville hotel, guess what was hanging  in the lobby?  A small macrame hanging.

Throughout the pages of magazines,  you will find living rooms, bathrooms, and all sorts of rooms with these new hangings. The key is to find a vintage piece but you can also find new pieces as well.

At Houzz, you can shop their offerings of  macrame hanging plant holders and wall hangings. Craigslist and eBay will occasionally have the rare wall hangings.

But we suggest as the holiday’s approach, go raid your parent’s basement or grandparents to see if they have the latest trend waiting to resurfac. It will be your way of repurposing and certainly a conversation starter. It’s definitely on my list to go searching for that macrame project still hanging in the attic.