Here in Nashville, the weather can be so hard to predict. While it’s usually chilly in the morning once fall comes around, there are some days when hints of summer still make their way into our lives in the afternoon. Trying to dress for this fickle weather can be frustrating and difficult. But here are a few tips you can try to make the unpredictable weather easier to dress for.

Choose Lightweight Pieces

Stay away from fabrics that are thick or can’t be easily layered. The thickest fabric you should wear is denim. Since you can layer your clothing in the morning, there’s no reason to wear thick sweaters or pants that will be too hot later in the day.

Wear Breathable Footwear

When I say “breathable,” I mean shoes that are not insulated or will overheat your feet. Styles with openings (peep-toe, for example) or that are low in height like ankle boots are good choices.

Layer With Thin Outerwear

Think cardigans, shrugs, or lightweight jackets. Again, stick to thin fabrics and don’t wear anything heavier than denim. You can even take a blanket scarf and wear it as a shawl or a cardigan, secured with a thin belt across the waist.

Take Advantage of Accessories

Pieces like hats and scarves will add warmth to your brisk morning and are easy to remove once the afternoon heat wave hits.

Keep Your Hair Loosely Styled

If you’re going to be transitioning your style from day to afternoon, your hair should be easy to change up too. If you wear a hat in the morning, you’re bound to get “hat hair.” So you want to leave your locks loose so that you can easily pull them up into a messy bun or ponytail.


Leena Kollar is a writer, wife, mom and fashion blogger. She runs the women’s style website, The Style Spectrum, which guides women on finding the best clothing, makeup and accessories for their body shape, face shape and individual seasonal coloring. The overwhelmed mother of two (three, if you include her husband) enjoys solo trips to Target, audience-free trips to the bathroom and sneaking treats after her kids have gone to bed.