When I was a kid, I got to eat on a TV tray when I was really sick. Like chicken pox sick.

And somehow, the thrill of eating my chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese in front of the television on a slightly wobbly tray almost made up for the itchy and aching.

Today, eating in front of the TV is a guilty pleasure I allow myself for big must-see shows and Friday nights at home. (Pizza and Netflix sounds like heaven on Friday night. And yes, I am easily thrilled.)

Right or wrong, millions of Americans eat more than four times a week in front of the TV. (Some studies say as many as 60% of Americans eat meals watching television.)  Savvy furniture designers are taking note of the trend launching chic tables, designed to sidle up to the sofa.

Multifaceted, the new TV trays are really more all-purpose occasional tables that you can use at cocktail parties or dinner and a movie.

Below are five of my favorite old-school, new style tray table. FYI: you don’t have to have chicken pox to indulge.

C is for Chic
Sometimes called C-tables for their alphabet letter shape, this table is perfect for sliding next to a chair for dinner or a drink.

A marble base and thin stem gives this form and function. It easily works for dinner on a tray or a cocktail. Cube Side Table, $199 at West Elm at Hill Center.

Industrial is In
Industrial chic feels functional when you use this cool table to eat, read, whatever you need a tray or table for.

Oval Laptop Table, $99.99 at World Market with locations in Nashville and Murfreesboro.

Think TV tray and glam is an oxymoron? A glam brushed brass and smoked glass C-table begs to differ.

Glamour in a TV tray? Yes, with brushed brass and smoked glass. $166 at The Snooty Fox, 149 Wilson Pike Circle, Brentwood.

End to End
This wooden tray table is substantial enough to sub as a small end table. When you need a tray, move it to the sofa and enjoy your favorite binge-worthy show.

The Kendie side table, $249.50 at The Snooty Fox, 149 Wilson Pike Circle, Brentwood.

In and Out
This table, topped with on-trend concrete, works indoors or out. Perfection.

For indoor or outdoor use, the Sloan C-table features a concrete top. $187 at Pottery Barn.