Whether you’re moving in with a roommate or a significant other, combining two people’s different decor styles in a space can be difficult.

We’ve all seen those awkward, mismatched apartments where it’s clear the roommates just threw up every piece of decor they owned and called it a day. Or worse, those spaces where it’s obvious one partner decorated everything and the other had no input at all. To avoid those situations, check out these tips for harmoniously decorating a new space:

Before you start arranging furniture, have a quick chat about how you want the space to feel overall. Do you want a brightly colored, eclectic living room or do you need your home to be a serene, neutral oasis?

Getting on the same page with your roommate or partner from the start can help minimize conflicts down the road. If it’s in your budget, you might want to split the cost of a consultation with a certified interior designer. They can provide an objective opinion and offer advice based on what will work best for the space without hurting feelings. They’ll also be able to guide you toward a style that will work with both parties unique preferences.

You might even want to make a shared Pinterest board where you can both post ideas and get a sense of what the other likes. This is a great way to start to determine commonalities between your styles and create a space that will appeal to both of you.

You can also practice this once you move in and are able to see all of your partner’s decor. Do you both have a lot of things in a certain color or theme? That might be a good place to start creating the style of your shared areas.

Ultimately, compromise is going to be a huge tool for both parties throughout this process. You have to be willing to put up with some decor you’re not crazy about as well as let go of some of your own pieces that don’t mesh with your roommates style and your partner should be willing to do the same.

If you’re moving in with a roommate, rather than a significant other, a great compromise is to save a piece of decor for your bedroom, where you can fully enjoy it for yourself!

Once you’ve talked about the styles you both like and have a general plan for decorating, it can be fun to work on some DIY projects together. In addition to being an easy bonding activity, you’ll be able to customize your DIY furniture or decor to perfectly fit your new shared style. Check out some of past DIY projects like a Boho Wall Hanging or some Repurposed Picture Frames for possible inspiration.

You don’t have to start from scratch with a DIY project either. Does your new roommate have a table that you’d love in a different color? Ask if they’d be willing to paint it! Of course, be considerate and don’t makeover any of their decor without asking first. With a little creativity and work, you can make some cool pieces together that are customized for your new combined style.

Decorating a space with another person can be a challenge, but it can also be fun and rewarding. With an open mind and willingness to compromise, you might find yourself liking some pieces you never would’ve considered before.

Do you have any tips for combining decor styles with someone else? Be sure to mention them in the comments below!