The holidays are a season of giving—and that doesn’t always have to mean giving “stuff!” While it can be easy to give in to the whirlwind of shopping and parties and decorating, what if we chose to do things a little differently this year? Giving your time is a wonderful way to spread love and the holiday spirit. and Nashville has ample opportunities to volunteer your time and efforts during this holiday season (and all year long), so if you’re looking for somewhere to serve—look no further! This list can give you a great starting point.

(Photo via Nashville Rescue Mission on Facebook)


Nashville Rescue Mission 
Click here to visit the Nashville Rescue Mission website.

When many of us think of volunteering during the holidays, a homeless shelter or resource center is often the first place that comes to mind. That’s a wonderful thing, because the Nashville Rescue Mission can certainly use the help! As the weather gets colder, more folks need a warm place to sleep. This is true not only in December, but well into the new year, too.

(Photo via Vanderbilt Health on Facebook)

Vanderbilt Health
Click here to visit the Vanderbilt Health volunteer information page.

Unfortunately, illness doesn’t care if it’s a holiday. But you can certainly help brighten the days of patients being treated at various Vanderbilt Health locations as a volunteer! All it takes is a smile and a warm heart to remind someone that they’re loved and cared for.

(photo via The Nashville Food Project on Instagram)

The Nashville Food Project

Click here to visit the Nashville Food Project website.

With a mission to “grow, cook, and share nourishing food” and put an end to hunger in Nashville, this organization is a wonderful place for anyone passionate about cooking, nutrition, or even gardening. They even have their own food truck to deliver meals around town—how cool is that?!

Animal centers and shelters

Click here to visit the Nashville Humane Society volunteer information page.
Click here to visit the Williamson County Animal Center website.

If you have a heart for animals, consider showing homeless animals some extra love this holiday season! In addition to government-operated shelters and centers, there are many rescue organizations that need help in caring for animals. A quick Google search for “Nashville pet rescue” will lead you to several organizations that can use donations, extra help, and even foster homes for animals.


Not seeing an opportunity that interests you? Hands on Nashville is a wonderful resource for those looking to volunteer their time during the holidays—and year-round! Their website (click here to visit) has a volunteer event calendar, as well as a search feature to help you find the volunteer opportunity that will fit your strengths, schedule, and more. And if you’re short on time, Hands on Nashville also has a helpful list of donation items needed by nonprofit and charity organizations around town (click here to see it).


We can’t wait to see how our readers share the holiday love this year!