We’re all familiar with the concept of a happy place. But (1) we’re in Music City and (2) let’s face it- sometimes you just can’t swing making it to your geographic happy place and your mental happy place feels way too far away.

I, personally, have been in a bit of a slump this Spring season. Maybe the up and down weather is to blame or maybe it’s the feeling of being unable to escape. Whatever the case may be, I found myself this past Thursday night posting a status on Facebook (which I never do) asking people for help (which I never do).

I simply asked everyone what their own go-to pick-me-up song was. Sometimes I need to put away my sad songs, put on a JAM and fake it ’till I make it.

Much to my surprise, several of my friends across social media took to my request and shared with me their favorite song. It became so fun that I decided to make a playlist of everyone’s respective answers.

Soon enough, people who had been following the thread wanted access to the playlist and so my public “Feel Good” playlist was born.

Because I had so much fun creating this- it connected me with other people, it taught me new songs, it reminded me of old favorites and it helped me get back to my happy place- I had the idea to open up the playlist to Music City.

What if we all shared our own happy songs in a space that others could come to as a happy place? Sure, there are plenty of “Have A Great Day!” playlists on Spotify (and they’re great), but what if we made them more personal?

This playlist was created out of community and joy. If you want to follow it, please do! If you want to send me a song to add, please get in touch! If you simply want to add it to the playlist yourself, I’ve now made the playlist collaborative!

I hope you put this on while you’re cooking with your loved ones, driving down the road alone or are in a desperate place trying to get back to your happy place. And I hope that it helps. It was created by individual people right here in Nashville all seeking the same thing.