When you decide to quit dating for a little while, here’s what you need to do: get the heck out of town, work your butt off, and try really hard not to think about boys. Two of those are easy. One, not so much.

lola Right now I’m writing from Florida, where I’m working a great gig that I truly don’t even know how I managed to snag. Before that, I snuck off to New Orleans with my best friend Daniella for a four-day Bourbon Street binge, complete with photo taking, palm readings and like a hundred too many of those Turtle Bomb things. In two days, I’m meeting up with the band boys for their show – which just so happens to be in the same city I’m working with in Florida – to hitch a ride down to Miami before we all come home.

New Orleans was pretty much strictly best friend time – which wouldn’t be best friend time without talking about Alex, who I see in two days. The anticipation of that is exciting, although I seriously doubt anything will happen. In the meantime ole Gus I guess has decided he still wants to see me, and asked me to call him when I come home. And Brad? I think it’d be almost criminal not to reply when he tells me how much he misses me. (He’s truly great – someone remind me why I’m so stuck on Alex?)

lolaWhen you decide to quit dating for the time being, it gets difficult because if I’m honest with myself, almost 100 percent of my emotional issues stem from talking about boys. Whether they’re unattainable or too available, it seems I just can’t stop talking about them. I talk about Alex and our sexual tension, I talk about Gus and how disappointed he made me, I talk about Brad who still really wants me. I think it just boils down to the fact that – I want a boyfriend. Ugh. I feel so gross even just saying that. I’m sure my friends are sick of it, but it’s like a bad habit at this point. How do you break a bad habit?

This is what I’m trying to figure out, but in the meantime I’ve been busy working this photo gig, which has helped ease my mind tremendously. So much so that when one of the hot male models on the shoot asked me to hang out tomorrow night, it barely phased me. Maybe before I would have swooned, but at this point I’m just so over the whole dating thing that I don’t even know if I want to say yes or not. I may go. I may not. Or I may tell Mr. Model to come to the band’s show in two days to make Alex jealous. Stay tuned.

With Love, Lola